What We Do


(i) Human being is the unit, the prime mover and sole purpose of development.

(ii) Equality of persons irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender.


Every person is a natural shareholder by birth of his group and nation and is

therefore entitled to certain inalienable rights that will make it possible for him

to have a sound mind in a sound body as contained in the organization’s core

values as hereinafter stated:

(a) Right to free and compulsory education up to the secondary school level.

(b) Right to free healthcare for the young, aged and indigent persons.

(c) Right to food and affordable housing

(d) Right to full and gainful employment

(e)The enforcement of the fundamental human rights as set out in the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and African Charter of Human

and Peoples’ Right

(iv) The well being of the people is the sole purpose and raison d’etre of


(v) Power and sovereignty reside in the people at all times.


The practice of democracy expressed through the ballot box and based on free

and fair election.

Every nationality within Nigeria has inalienable right to self-determination.


(viii) The operation of true and genuine federalism is imperative in a multinational

society and it shall be the basis for the continuing existence of the corporate

entity known as Nigeria.

Supremacy of the Rule of Law.


(x) Self discipline, self-denial and loyalty in the pursuit of common goals.


The motto of the organization shall be FREEDOM FOR ALL, LIFE MORE



The Emblem of the organization shall be O’dua head, symbolizing the origin of

the Yoruba.


Aims and objectives of ARG shall be to:

(i) Defend and promote the collective interest of Yoruba people in particular

and Nigeria in general.

(ii)Forge and sustain unity of purpose amongst institutions of leadership in

Yoruba land.

(iii) Preserve and foster the age long progressive democratic culture of



Provide for adequate representation of all constituent parts of Yoruba

land including those in the Diaspora.

(v)Strengthen its leadership role of mobilizing the grassroots for effective

social and economic development.

Promote the language, culture and traditions of Yoruba.


(vii) Actively prepare the youths through education and enlightenment for a

proper and effective role in nation building.

(viii) Create through its structure, posture and activities and the application of


its rules and regulations, effective training ground for leadership.

Be an effective mass progressive political movement of the Awolowo

school of thought and work in tandem with the political party that

substantially adopts its core values.

(x)Actively promote and support the emergence and sustenance of a non-

partisan apex Pan-Yoruba organization consisting of all Yoruba

organizations that shall effectively articulate and promote the greatest

good of all Yoruba everywhere.

(xi) Maintain well-considered, balance and constructive attitude and

relationship with other nationalities in and outside Nigeria.


Ultimately seek the emergence of a Yoruba Federation, incorporating all

Yoruba within Nigeria..

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